Humans rely on communication to coexist and live in harmony. Without communication, it would be difficult if not impossible to have conservations. It has played a fundamental role in bonding individuals, reinforcing relationships and sustaining the society. Communication is the way through which information is conveyed from one party to the other through various forms. Communication can be achieved through different ways including word of mouth, in writing as well as through nonverbal signs. However, other than exchanging information, communicating is a skill that is vital in our lives since it controls a lot of our daily activities. It is crucial in forming relations ranging from cultural to an individual as well as making it easier for people to participate in various activities in the society. Excellent communications skills are essential for survival and make it easier for one to succeed in whatever they do in their lives. Leaders that happen to be most celebrated are believed to have mastered these skills and used them to direct, influence and motivate their followers or subordinates and this eventually always leads to achieving more fulfilling results in any endeavor.  These skills are needed in both our personal as well as our professional lives to building relations and identify opportunities, both of which are a necessity for one to succeed.

The art of communication requires certain skills to ensure one can effectively converse and interact with people. They can be developed and perfected with constant practice and confidence while communicating in any way or any given setting. One of the most critical skill is the ability to be a good listener since it makes it easy to interact with the audience as they seek clarification or contribute to a given agenda. Listening makes it possible for individuals to understand each other as they communicate (Communication). Another skill is ensuring that one is very clear and brief as this will make sure your audience does not lose you in the process of interacting. Nonverbal communication skills are a critical element in any communication. One should be able to maintain an approachable demeanor and avoiding body language that shows a lack of concern. Having the right attitude is also another skill that facilitates effective communication as it ensures the information is received well by the audience. A good communicator should have the ability also to accommodate what other people say and avoid being assertive and only interested in making sure you put your idea across. Hence, open-mindedness is an additional communication skill that is treasured. Being confident, maintaining eye contact and being respectful are other skills that make a good communicator. Confidence while maintaining eye contact will make individuals keen to follow the interaction while respect will make it less strenuous for others to express their opinions freely. Use of gestures when communicating ensures that the message gets through to the audience as they feel engaged during the conversation (Communication). Being able to give feedback in the process of passing information effectively is also an essential skill in communication as it makes the process more interactive and the well understood. The above communication skills are among the ten most valuable skills that guarantee effective communication. 

The process of developing excellent communication skills requires one to keep on practicing constantly. One is required these skills as much as possible, perfecting them with time and eventually becoming a confident and experienced communicator. The clarity and choice of words are very vital as one develops their skills in communication (Skills). One should ensure that they understand the words they decide to use and they can clearly say these words. The words should also be appropriate depending mainly on the type of audience that one is addressing. Consistency in using these skills in the right way when communicating helps the improvement skills, and in the course interaction, one can easily notice a good versus a poor communicator (Communication). The right tone should be used depending on the message to be conveyed, friendly tones can be used for a friendly interaction but should be avoided when one is trying to send a serious message (Skills). When strictly observed the above could greatly help an individual to be well versed and confident when using these communication skills.

In general, when one has developed their skills in communication, they tend to attract more opportunities in life. They have more connections both socially and professionally and these advantages if well used can lead to a better life. A good communicator can easily get promoted at the workplace into managerial positions since they will easily be able to pass important information to their subordinates. When one has developed their communication skills, they are better placed to seek assistance in time need or while in danger and easily get help compared to individuals who can hardly express themselves or clearly the situation. It is, therefore, important for people to focus on making their communication skills better as this skill will make life easier and bring more opportunities their way.

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