In today’s society mostly everything surrounds technology and things are computer related. People deal with computers in their normal daily activities. There are computers in almost every shopping place, computers are almost every household (Lynn Pg.1). If there is not a Pc, Laptop or both then there is a video game in the child’s room. The cell phone are starting to be made so advanced that they are internet compatibility and allows access to email, chatting with people who are currently online(Lynn Pg.1). The only negative side about cell phones is that they are so advanced just like a regular computer sometimes the cell phone will start to freeze when in use of a certain applications.

It is good to be advanced but it can also be a problem that everything is starting to be advanced like a computer. Moreover, many people are spending so much time on the computer browsing the internet with gaming, and busy with chat rooms that it causes them to be more secluded by staying in their homes instead of going out and socializing with their friends, family, and love ones. It is a good thing to stay in touch with others but as humans we are abandoning the natural things besides being spoiled to computers (Lynn pg.1). With such technology children do not spend time with their parents because they are busy on the computer or on the cell phone or else it is vice versa and the parent is too busy with their cell phones or computer activity as well. The parents are so focused on the job that they are not giving the child the attention that it needed. When this happens children tend to turn towards the computer for attention because they feel like they are not important or nobody pays them any attention. This leads up to them going into chat rooms and meeting people on the internet.

Sometimes they will even meet people from the internet out in public, which is very dangerous but they will go to any certain extend in order to fill the empty space of feeling lonely yet neglected from the lack of attention they are receiving at home. In the year of 2009, Oprah Winfrey did her show on “What can you live without?” Some families decided to take the challenge and let Oprah staff strip them of their electronics for a whole week. Cell phones, Computers, radio’s or TV’s were taken away and the family was left with their regular routines minus the normal electronics they would go throughout the day with. One girl said she felt like her world was over with and without her cell phones she will literally go crazy (Winfrey Show). She normally would sit in her room all day and visit her websites and talk on the phone to her friends.

Her mom would also be in her room using her lap top and talking on her cell phone to her clients for work, while the father would be downstairs on his computer (Winfrey Show). In the house hold there was no such thing of a family meal at the kitchen table. The mom would cook dinner occasionally or bring home fast food and she would call everyone on their cell phones and tell them that dinner is ready (Winfrey Show). Everyone would fix their plates and return back to the room to resume their activity. If the mother had to ask her daughter anything she would always text or calls her daughter on the cell phone instead of coming to her room and talking to her directly in person (Winfrey Show). When the day came for removing the electronics the family had blank looks on their faces. After the stuff was removed the family looked at each other as if they did not know what to do.

Oprah gave them a list of rules they had to abide by for several days that included no eating out, for the parents no working late cell phones, computers, television, and video games (Oprah Winfrey) . The first couple of days were hard for the family because they were so caught up with the electronics that there was a loss of bonding. After family activities and spending time together the father realized that he needed to be there for his daughter more and he missed out on a lot in her personal life with friends, school, boyfriends, etc. It bothered him to know he was slacking with giving his kids the attention hardly at all (Oprah Winfrey). The mother and daughter begin to bond and share things with one another. The father and son also begin to spend more time together. At the end of the week when the challenge was over and the family realized that the personal electronics are not top priority.

The family now plans family trips and schedules more downtime away from the cell phones, computers, and other electronics (Oprah Winfrey). The mother use to buy fast food all the time for her family but now she cooks different types of dinner throughout the week. It shows that an average person can get wrapped up in electronics and not realize that they are neglecting the important tasks that is needed to be completed on a regular basis. From this example it proves that the computer can become addictive because internet can be accessed worldwide and a single person does not have to leave home in order to find out certain events. Restaurants have started leaning towards the web with letting customers order the food online. The computers purpose of creation is to do almost any task that requires brain power (Lynn Pg.1). There are computer networks in businesses that help employees to be more efficient at work. Notice that the hospitals staff uses computers to record the patience’s information, keeping track of certain medications and possibility of drug interactions that could occur with current medications that the patients are taking (Lynn Pg.1).

When asked why do they use computer instead of recording the information on a regular chart paper. The response was that,” it is easier to access information instead of looking for the paper files”, in case the files were to be misplaced somewhere and it also saves tress. While other business uses computers for power points involving presentations that can help other fellow employees understand the job more (Lynn pg.1). Meanwhile the other use for the computer is to help them keep up with appointment, keep telephone numbers organized and keep track of finances (Lynn Pg.1). Despite that computers can be time efficient by performing difficult work in a matter of time but with younger people who are addicted, they can easily become lost without the computer itself depending on whether they grew up and starting learning how to use a computer at a young age. Children that start using computers at a young age can grow older to be spoiled at using a computer all the time. This can affect them in school because they are busy on other websites instead of doing the assigned work or homework. The Computer Addiction Services at McLean Hospital has found some reason why people become computer and internet addicts (Recovery Addict Pg.1).

They found that people who have a computer addiction turn to the internet for different reasons that could be in attempt to change moods, reduce depression, and take the place of loneliness (Recovery Addict Pg.1). According to James fearing Ph.D. there are a lot of symptoms of computer addiction and it is an easy problems to detect (Recovery Addict Pg.1). Most people who are computer addicted lose control when trying to stop and they will continue to try and withdraw from the addiction, they will also keep playing and making promises to others and continue to break the promises as well (Recovery Addict Pg.1) . Frequently untruthfulness will start to happen with the efficient time that is spent on the computer. Notice people are protective about the types of activities they were engaging on the computer. Also the constant want to be on the computer all the time. They have the need to be defensive about using the computer as much as possible not thinking about other loves ones in their life which leaves others feeling abandoned. The one’s that are left out are worried and strongly concerned and insist on them seeking such help for the addiction of computers. The person that is in denial will insist that they are fine and become rather fierce if approached about the situation. Those that use the computer when depressed have a concern that will appear when someone interrupts them from the computer time or makes plans to use the computer (Recovery Addict pg.2). It causes them to be very moody and not wanting to be disturbed at all. They tend to constantly think about the program when they are not using it (Recovery Addict pg.2).

Sometimes when a certain event has occurred in their life they will lean towards using the computer even if they are irritated or sad. Internet Addiction covers a large portion of behaviors and impulse control problems (Recovery Addict pg.2). According to the Center for On Line Addiction almost 6% of 17,251 respondents in an online survey met the criteria for compulsive internet use and more than 30% report using the internet to escape from negative feelings (Recovery Addict pg.2). There are a variety of computer addictions and ways to detect if a person is addicted. One of the many types is when the addicted person is bored with his or her friends, when the person starts making excuses to use the computer constantly. The excuse that the person will make up does not add up with the time it will take an abnormal person to use the computer. One example is when the person visits the geek stores frequently and spends long time there and this leads to them eventually spending a lot of money on different types of software. In additional is when the addicted person spends long time sitting in front of the computer and the denying of caring about any other persons work except theirs.

The other type is Cybersexual Addiction and it is when the person is involved in viewing, downloading, and trading online pornography (Recovery Addicts Pg.2). Cyber-Relational Addiction is the person become involved in online relationships maybe adultery (Recovery Addict Pg.2). Information overload is another type of internet Addiction that can affect a certain individual (Recovery Addict Pg.2). Such symptoms for who spends long hours typing at the computer may start to experience wrist pains or Carpal tunnel syndrome, have dry eyes that results from spending many hours in front of the computer, and migraine headaches occur as well(Recovery Addict Pg.3). The individuals will experience a sleep disorder and changes will begin to occur in their regularly sleep patterns. Being that the sleeping disorder is causing will change the daily life routine.

Computer addiction tends to produce in people a virtual imagination of a myth or belief (The Truth Pg.1). The common sense of reality is gone and the individual is in their own world. They will relay on false ides and projections that are created in the mind (The Truth Pg. 1). The only way they will realize is when an outsider makes them realize that the world they are living is not real. They are unable to communicate with other people so the feeling of comfort from the computer comes to mind.

Clinical Psychiatric has reported an increasing use of computers. At the colleges and universities the deans and counsels have stated that student use the computer heavily (Recovery Addict Pg.3). When a student reaches the college level the computer is used a lot for assignments, projects, term papers and even the teachers use the overhead projection and the computer to teach the class. Mostly everything in college is typed and there is hardly anything hand written. The fact that comedians use the computer addiction in there jokes to state the problem that many individuals are going through. Lawyers have even discovered that using the computer excessively can ruin a person’s friendship, Marriage, relationship. One lady reported that her husband’s usage of the computer is starting to take its toll on their relationship. It proves that the individual who is addicted will risk everything around them just to be on the computer and not even be aware that they are pushing people away from them.

There are services and treatments available to treat the patient depending on the type of addiction they have. Medication is also available if it is strongly needed or recommended. Throughout the process of treatment the patient will learn the different types of addictions. In addition they will also learn more about their addiction and the different types of behavior that a person will act out during the addiction and possibly become involved in support groups. In ways this treatment is really good so that the person does not feel like they are facing the addiction alone and they can see what others went through from the computer addiction. They can actually talk and relate to other people and share the addiction with one another and help each other heal from the addiction. Motivation also will help a person get over the addiction when they have someone there to support and push them to get well.

Not only does it make the person more confident but it makes them want to better themselves. Having pity and feeling sorry for the person is not good because if the person knows you are feeling sympathy for them they will suck into the sickness more. The patient would also be taught the proper way that the computer should be used and learn the appropriate time for the usage of the computer. Along with the program includes lectures, interviews from different victims to the media, religious groups (Recovery Addict Pg.3).

Despite the many benefits that computers are able to provide, there are currently arguments involving children and their education (Abyss Pg.1) Illiteracy is still a growing issue and people are starting to blame the problems on computers (Abyss Pg.1). There are a number of people out there who are not knowledgeable about how to use a computer and most things are going towards being operated by a computer. For the person who does not know how to use the computer is constantly depending on others for assistance. The issue that in the near future this continent will be operated by computers does not come with a cheap price either so for those who cannot afford computer appliances will have to continue to operate things the old fashion way until there is some type of assistance in receiving the appropriate computer appliance. Being that everything will be operated by computers in the nearest future is not good either. Depending on the type of appliance it can be flammable and cause accidents that can result in death.

In conclusion computers highly dependent on. Most jobs function off of computers with the program that has all the daily activities filled out for that work day a single job is not operated by a human but it is operated by a computer. People save personal information to the computer and have the tendency to depend on the computer for certain remembrance of dates instead of the individual remembering the date. Computers are really making the brain to be more laid back and lazy. In the future it is turning out for the worse because a person is so use to the computer doing mostly everything for them that if something was to happen and the computer crashes then the person ca not function correctly being that the computer does all the work for the brain and all the work was saved to the computer. It is dangerous and risking the person’s safety because it makes things easier for a criminal to get access to a person’s personal information. If all cars were to run off of a computer the individual would not know how drive a regular car, work on cars. Then humans will really be Illiteracy being that the computer operates and controls everything. Basically humans will no longer need a brain, the computer will think for them and fix a single problem for them as well.