Florida and New York are considered to be the most important states of the United States, not only in terms of politics and business but also, due to tourism. These are the states that welcome millions of travelers annually and earn lots of revenue for the country. They have numerous things in common like the coastline along the Atlantic Ocean; both of them offer easy transport, economic hotels, and cultural diversity. But, they also differ in aspects like weather, geography, sightings and shopping places.

Traveling in New York

New York is one of the busiest cities in the world. The concept of the American dream that has been developed lots of years ago, seems true when one visits New York. It is a place that welcomes people from all parts of the world and introduces the developed and most stylish sides of the United States. This is a city that remains awake 24 hours and provides facilities irrespective of the fact that people come out of their house at day or at night.

Traveling in Florida

Florida is another beautiful place in America and offers the pleasures of nature and sceneries. One can enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches and the memorable theme parks that make this different from any other place in the United States. Florida is a multicultural city where you can meet the Caribbeans, the Latin Americans, the Spanish and the Cubans. Sunny weather invites the people who want to enjoy the beaches and the warm weather. Wilderness and the natural scenes are the special aspect of this place and are the most attractive factor for travelers.

Cultural Diversity

It is a well-known fact that America is a multicultural country and is the one that not only respects but also, celebrates various cultures of the world. Due to the presence of the Film Industry, people from different countries are also attracted here and work along with the Americans. When a traveler leaves the airport he starts having the experience of the lifetime.

Florida is considered to be the land of the people majorly belonging from Latin America, but, a lot of Asians, people from Caribbean, Cubans, Caucasians and most of the Latin America have become the locals of this city.


Most amazing thing about New York is that it is the economic hub, the busiest city, full of millions of visitors, but, the traveler can fit most luxurious to the cheapest hotels in this area. People who only want to roam about and experience New York can get the most economical place and the ones who want to stay in luxury can find the five stars hotels also. There are around five hundred options of different hotels and inns available in New York, which serve all types of people .

The abundance of hotels and restaurants, in Florida, are present due to the abundance of beaches here. Since travelers who come in Florida often visit beaches and countryside, so they prefer guest houses and tents and which are available. In the rural side, economical and most luxurious hotels are available. Varieties of hotels give the choice to the travelers and help then to choose a hotel within their budget.


The weather of Florida is totally different the weather of New York. In New York there are different seasons, along with summer and winter people also experience spring and autumn. The winters of New York are very cold and the temperature drops to as low as -2-degree centigrade. Heavy snowfall is common in New York and the hurricanes are common in this area.

In comparison to New York, in Florida, it is either really hot or warm. Winters in this area are not very chilly, the beaches make the temperature normal even in the winter. Southern Florida remains warm even in the winter, but, in northern Florida, the temperature may fall to the freezing point and can create difficulties for the locals and visitors.

Sightings and Attractions

In terms of attractions and sightings, New York is one of a kind. Statue of Liberty is considered the most important place that every traveler, in the New York, wants to visit. Metropolitan Museum of Art is another important attraction of the city. Museum of Modern Art, Empire State Building, Times Square, Museum of Natural history, botanical garden and Chinatown are the most popular and most visited places by travelers. The urban world of New York is really attractive and invites travelers to explore its wonders. Most of the places that people love to visit in New York are manmade. In comparison to other places, New York is considered to be the place of Museums, art galleries, and gardens and offers the combination of the old and new world (Chevron).

Florida is known for its theme park. Disney World is considered to be the main attraction. It spreads on 47 miles and has restaurants, themed hotels mater parks, shops attract the people all over the world, it is not only the most favorite place for children, but also for the adult travelers. Universal Orlando made by the universal Studio, Sea world, Legoland, Kennedy Space Centre and most importantly its beaches are the most visited places. The natural scenes and the sights in Florida are more famous among the travelers and this provides the combination of manmade and the natural sights like John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park and Everglades that a traveler wants to pay a must visit. This feature has made Florida more attractive place for travelers with different preferences and different likings.

New York and Florida are the beautiful states of America and are the true representatives of American culture, history, and the diversity. Diversity is the most beautiful feature of these states and this ensures that America is actually the land of dreams. It offers all the facilities that a traveler wishes for like easy transportation, economic hotels and the variety of food. Apart from these features, they are also different in a lot of aspects. New York is known and celebrated for its urban sites, museums and galleries, whereas Florida is known for its theme parks and beaches. In spite of the similarities and differences in these states, these are the places that should be visited by everyone and should be on the list of travel lover.

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