There are many things that will affect our lives. College degree is the most important of these factors. College education plays a critical role in our lives as well as a key opens many doors of opportunity to success in the future and allows us to explore everything surrounding. With the rapid development in economic, a college degree has become the necessary requirement in securing for finding a better job. People with college graduates are hired in at a higher paying position and are considered to be much more stable employers. By attending in college, people will have more access to recourse and base on that, they can make many education decide that will lead them to a brighter future. For some people, going to college wastes too much of their time and money. Although it does spend a lot, I believe that college education is a good investment of time and money. Attending in college education brings us many good things like a career, advancement, and knowledge.

“Higher education is perceived as extremely important, and for most people, a college education has become the necessary admission ticket to good jobs”. (Alan Hall) Nowadays, human’s life is becoming more diverse with rapid growth in all areas like technology, economy, and society; thus, the marketplace and workforce are becoming more expanding. Many of today’s jobs now require people should have higher education requirements before the company will consider hiring them. It is also a basic degree for everyone to continue their education to explore the carrier and getting higher in their working position. Because the existing long-term ability and the success of any organization are all depended on the experience and skill of all their employees. Consequently, for people with a college degree will likely have more chance to find a good job as well as a better standing in the company than a high school graduate. Moreover, the share living in poverty of bachelor’s degree or more is 5.8 percent, a two-year degree is 14.7 percent and a high school graduate is 21.8 percent, which is more than three times from college graduates. This is a big gap of life’s quality between college graduates and high school diploma. As the results, this is a clear answer for those who consider the value of attending college because of the debt from tuition and time wasting. College degree not only helps people to improve their life, income, and working position, but it also helps organizations in the job management because it is easier to train knowledgeable employees.

When people have a college degree, they will feel more confident and have a strong sense of pride by themselves. Not only the pride from themselves but also the pride from their families because they are maybe the first one in their family to graduate from college. Base on the critical thinking and reasoning skill that they have learned in college, they are more willing to work and help others without the shame of knowledge lacking. Being able to help others mean that they will see themselves as a beneficiary of a society and they will live without the regress of the time that they spent in college. Most of the people nowadays think that college education helps them only with career opportunities, higher earning, but they do not know that college education also helps them access to health care and more likely to adopt healthy habits. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National for Health Statistic has studied that people who have a college degree or higher lives about nine years longer than those who do not graduate from college. The much higher number of folks who have a high school diploma or less are smokers, opposed to only 9% of those who graduated from college. The householders that the parent has a bachelor’s degree or higher tend to have lower percentages of obese children. The survey shows that children who are born and rise with the parent who graduated from college are healthier, performer better academically, and more likely to attend college than children of those parents who have not had any degree. A college education will give people better equips to navigate in their life. They will learn more about themselves and people around them. It will boost up their confidence, improve their communication skill, feel alive; all of these things will lead to happiness, less stress, greater self-fulfillment. Education not only keeps people engaged in life, but it also improves their quality of life. Compare to high school graduates, college graduates have greater participation in leisure and artistic activities and more willing to community service and leadership with volunteer work, and the most important factor that college graduates tend to have less criminal activity and incarceration. Higher education not only helps people to have a better quality of life, higher standard living, but it also helps the society with less criminal activities and more volunteer works.

Our life starts with learning at the first day when we are born with everything surroundings. Through college, we become more maturity to find out who we are and how to get successful. In my conclusion, I believe a college degree is important and people should get it because it offers us many great benefits. College education helps people to obtain a quality life and bright future. Attending college education systems also teach great skills that are necessary for having a better job and being successful in life.

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