Gender discrimination started since the days of our ancestors who had been suppressing women’s rights and is perceived to be the norm of the male-dominance society. Men are always, until today, seen as the figure of leadership and success in many countries with no exceptions to some well-known countries where women are given as many rights as their counterpart (Dailymail, July 18, 2011). Although the idea of women belongs in the kitchen is fast fading or much despised by the society as discriminatory, women are underperforming comparing to their male counterpart. Women are facing these hard truths mainly because of the fact that most traditional minded people think that women are underrepresented. After that, education is one of the main causes for gender discrimination. Lastly, religion is also the factor for this issue.

Traditional lifestyle in some households causes unjust discrimination to women (Anderson, Moore, Faison, 1995). For instance, many Asian cultures groom young girls to becoming women, who later in life play the role of a homemaker responsible for preparing meals for the family and to do everyday house chores. On the other hand, they are deprived of some basic rights now considered to be essentially important such as their marriage. In their culture, they are required to seek for their parents’ blessing on their marriage, if it is unsuccessful, their relationship would fall apart. Daughters are “matched” for marriages with their parents’ discretion and rejection is a form of disobedience which is unacceptable in their society. Old folks especially Asians are concerned about the surnames and it is the duty for the younger generation to pass on. However, only the male members are able to inherit the surname while a woman must adopt their husband’s surname, abandoning their maiden name (WHO 2011). It is perceived to be important to uphold their family’s name because family history is the pride of many people. Therefore, traditional lifestyle is the cause of gender discrimination.

Religion in some ways contributes to gender discrimination. Women are suffering in countries where religion is law, such as many Muslim countries (MUNFW 2012). Some of the religion such as Muslim prohibits women from becoming a leader. They think that men should take the responsibility while women are expected to be the followers of men. This fuels men with overwhelming self-confidence and underestimates women’s ability without having to evaluate them. In-born egoism causes men to always think that they are right all the time and refuse to accept a suggestion from women. This is also caused them to think that women do not have the ability to get things done. Therefore, some of the religion will cause gender discrimination in the society and will bring a lot of bad effect to the society.

Most of the people think that gender discrimination doesn’t really bring any negative effect to the community and society. They do not really comprehend the severity of gender discrimination to the community. The population of women is shrinking in China as the result of gender selection. Trafficking of women is becoming more common in European countries. Last but not least, gender discrimination leads to violence against women.

Violence against women is also a miserable experience for women due to gender discrimination. The gender-based violence reflects and reinforces inequality between both gender, it compresses a wide range of human rights violation, including abuse of children, violence of women, sexual assault, trafficking of women and girls and others (UNFPA 2012). Violence has profound effects on a woman’s reproductive health including unwanted pregnancies, restricted access to family planning information and contraceptive, unsafe abortion after unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted infection including HIV and others. Other than that, gender-based violence also serves to perpetuate male power and control. It is sustained by a culture of silence and serious health consequences due to long term abuse (WHO 2011). Lastly, sexual inequality is the main factor of violence against women.

Gender discrimination is a very harmful activity to everyone in this world. In traditional, education and religious view, women are weaker compared to men and it is now a reason for gender discrimination as every person has human rights in this world. Other than that, gender discrimination brought us a lot of negative effect for us. Gender discrimination caused sex imbalance in China and trafficking of women in European countries (The Problem 2012). Gender discrimination also caused women’s life to be miserable because of the violence against women from gender discrimination. Lastly, men shall not discriminate women as this common saying stated: “Behind all successful man, there is a woman.”

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