With the progress in industrialization and technology the world has developed into a different place as compared to the world it was before industrial revolution. Industrial revolution gave many good things and many bad things to the world at the same time. On one hand the world has become a developed, luxurious and comfortable place to live while on the other hand it has ruined many valuable things which are very necessary for human beings.

If we talk about the elements which have become a major issue due to exploitation of resources then there are following four most important elements which are affected energy, water, food and climate. Energy is one of our most valuable resources in this world. Its exploitation in the large extent has been contributed to the climate change in the world. The distribution of food is also major concern in today’s world as in there are many areas where the garbage bins are full with left-over food while there are many areas where people don’t find something to eat for days. Pure water is a right of every human being but in a larger portion of world people are deprived of this basic right. There are thousands of children, women and adults who died every day due to some disease caused by contaminated water. This article will go through various concerns under the four lenses of C3 i.e. civic, economic, historical and geographic perspective.


Due to progress in technology now it’s more convenient to extract oil and gas from those sites where there was impossible to do it before the emergence of technology. That is why in USA and in other parts of world as well, the oil and gas extraction has been expanding. Thousands of new digging sites have been exploited in last decade. Along with digging sites there has been the development of immense infrastructure to process, move and deliver the oil and gas. This step has developed the previous rural areas into industrialized areas which has ruined the beauty of environment.

Water is one of the most essential things which are necessary for life. It is one of the basic and prime rights of a human being to have a safe and clean drinking water. There are 900 million people in this world who do not have any access to safe water (Morgan Bazilian, 2011).

Food is another major concern in today’s world. With growing demand of food the current production seems to be scarce to fulfill it. The population of world is increasing at the rate of 75 million people per year (Dexia, 2010). The demand for food is increasing as in the production is not enough to cover the increasing population.

Industrialization has also affected the climate of the world. Now there is more global warming than ever before. Climate change has resulted in many catastrophic events like storms, floods and seismic activities. All the four resources are becoming scarce. The exploitation of energy food and water makes the climate more unpredictable.

The research and work is being going through in order to integrate these areas which have almost similar effects on world and on which the world has similar effects. If we observe all these facts we will observe a similar trend in food, energy water and climate. These four areas are interrelated. Due to industrialization all four factors are being affected. Especially food water and energy are three basic requirements of human beings which show similar trends. Their integrative effect on world is obvious if we see following factors

  • All areas have rapidly growing demand i.e. food energy and water, while the need for sustainable climate is also rising
  • All areas have various constraints in the context of resources
  • There is difference in availability of these factors in different region around the world.
  • Food, energy and water have security issues as in they are in the basic function units of any region
  • These areas required some clear and open classification and discovery of risks and their handling and management.

If we see energy exploitation and its impact on global climate, the method through which the oil and gas are being extracted now days is called fracking. It is also known as hydraulic fracturing which involves the use of many dangerous and harmful chemicals mixed in water or any other fluid, and then with a high pressure, instilled into those wells or dig areas to extract oil and gas. These methods are a great threat to the health of communities as in these methods ruin water, air and land. Many rural areas are experiencing haze more than a conventional downtown of a big city. Such areas possess the toxic air more than the normal range. The level of contaminate air has reached to the dangerous range. The result is frequent birth defects and increased rate of cancer. This exploitation of resources in such a way has also increase the likelihood of seismic activity occurrence. Also the transportation used to move oil and gas has been creating many problems for local communities. The most important thing is that the resources of water are also being damaged through the fracking of oil and gas. Also the water has become contaminated and there are many cases where people got water contaminated with methane in their taps (NRDC, 2014).

If we see this situation through lenses of C3 perspectives the situation will become clearer to us. C3 perspective helps a student to research an issue in a systematic way by inquiring about different aspects i.e. civic, economic, historical and geographic aspect (Studies, 2013). If we observe the situation with the dimension of civics then the question arises that what are the roles and responsibilities of authorities in this regard. The Government has been in the favor of exploitation of natural resourced however there are protective laws for land water and climate. However there are such loopholes which do not consider the process like fracking in their list of forbidden methods. There must be done something in this regard as in the site is left behind without any measurements when the resources are fully exploited. The role of community is also very critical in this situation as in they are the direct stakeholders to such hazards. There is lot of community work through which the awareness about such hazards is given to the communities and policies are suggested to control the situation. If we observe the economic perspective of the situation then we will see large amount of money generated through such fracking. But when we see that natural sites are ruined and that money is not possesses by the community where the exploitation of resources occurs, the situation becomes worse. This money is not spent even in eradication of lessening the effect of the hazards caused during generation of that money. If we see the geographic dimension Pennsylvania has been affected most by fracking activity. Although there are many other parts in America where the exploitation has done damage but in Pennsylvania people experienced methane water running through their kitchen taps as observed by a team of Republicans who visit the area to find out truth behind such rumors[1]. Historically, this type of exploitation started with the emergence of oil and gas industry but its formal use in extraction can be traced back to a half century ago where the extraction of energy resources started at the very huge level. This situation needs to be controlled through regularity authorities with more aggressive and rigorous action plan. There should be a mechanism through which the loopholes in environment law should be removed. Otherwise we will make this earth a bad place to live.

Also due to the exploitation of natural resources the water has becoming unsafe day by day. The effect of unsafe water is very harmful in the health of a person. In Africa more than 4000 children died daily due to diseases like cholera, malaria etc which are caused by unsafe drinking water[2]. There are more than 2.6 billion people in the world who do not have access to proper sanitation services which mostly happens in Africa and Asia (Charles Batchelor). Although this problem is very frequent in poor countries mostly in Africa, but in developed countries the unsafe drinking water due to contamination as a result of energy resources exploitation has become a major concern. With the increase in population and income the use and demand for safe water has become more and more. The use of water in different other sector like generation of energy of exploitation of energy also increased due to increased activity in sector. The authorities in African countries are less effective in providing the safe water to the deprived one. The situation of safe water in all over the world is becoming riskier as in due to climate change there are many resources of water which are vanishing. Due to global warning the glaciers are melting which result in flooding and droughts. Civil societies are responsible in this matter. The optimal use of safe water is very necessary in this regard. United Nations on one hand is trying to eradicate the problem in Africa and Asia but the growing problem of contaminated water in countries like America is still being ignored. Although there are many efforts on the individual and on the organizational level haven been done but Government intervention is still needed in order to get things done.

If we see the economic cost of providing safe water to the deprived people it is not so enormous that funds generation becomes difficult but there are still many cases where a large amount of effort has been done but still there is still a long way to go. United Nations has been woven to eradicate this problem in its millennium goals but the problem still arises in many poor countries[3]. These countries do not have natural resources of fresh water and they do not have enough financial resources to develop it. That is why there are many developed countries which financially support such projects in these countries.

If we observe the civic responsibilities about the scarcity of food and its providence, the Government can play a vital role. There are many countries whose major population is living below poverty line. According to UN statistics there are one billion people in the world who are affected by hunger (Dexia, 2010). The countries which are affected by hunger are mostly the countries where the natural resources are still unexplored where the production of food is also under rated. This is due to bad governance, corruption and wrong policies. The Governments in such countries should formulate such strategies where the proper crop land should be used to grow more food. The growth of food also affects the environment in such a way that it results in deforestation. Many countries are cutting their forests in order to grow crops which create an imbalance in world’s environment. Such activities result in global warming. The food production is a very critical and sensitive area. That is why it needs the collaboration of scientists, regulatory bodies, public communities and every person to make effective strategies to use the cropland in more effective way.

If we talk about economic trend of growing food, there are many countries which import food from other countries. Now days many countries have started panic buying, that is buying extra reserve in anticipation of untrustworthy import from their export country. For example when Thailand and Vietnam banned exports of rice, Philippines which is the biggest importer, bought extra 5 % from Vietnam in Government to government transaction due to fear of not getting enough rice next time (Dexia, 2010). But such solutions do not represent a true solution. That is why the world in an overall position should formulate such policies which can increase the production of food with the help of advanced technology and which also help in sustainable environment. Climate change is mainly due to the exploitation of above discussed resources[4]. That is why all these factors are interrelated to each other. There are various studies which are going through in order see the integrative effect of these essential areas of human life and come about with such strategies that can help in increasing the production of these factors without disturbing the climate any further.


As the world is striving for the technological progress, the basic necessities of life are becoming scarce day by day. That is mainly because the world did not think about such results when it was excited to make itself as an industrial giant. Now there are many concerns over the sustainability of environment while producing enough energy, food and safe water for the enormously growing population. Although the Governments of different countries are still far behind the implementation of effective laws and policies regarding this, the civic responsibilities and roles are prominent in this regard. Although economically the countries and their people re becoming more developed and strong, but it occurs on the cost of many others human beings and natural habitat whose lives are in danger due to unsustainable environment and scarcity or resources. The historical prospect of this exploitation and its effect is explained by the natural phenomenon through which these resources naturally being depleted with the passage of time but the industrial revolution speed up the process to trillion times. The deforestation as a result of production of more food energy and availability of more water makes the situation worse for the climate. The forests of Indonesia are already suffering from this consequence while many forests in Southern America are facing the same fate. That is why there is an immense need to develop such policies and strategies which can increase the production of these basic elements of life without making the environment worse which results in unpredictable climate. There different schools of thought in regard to this which fight for their ideology. But the problem remains there that how to make enough production for growing population and maintaining a sustainable environment.

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