Caring about health when you are on the move can be a bit tedious. But it is equally essential and doesn’t take that much of your time. So here is a list of few quick tips on staying healthy while you are traveling and you have assured your safety for your entire trip.


If you want to stay healthy while you travel you have to start caring for yourself right from home. That would mean exercising regularly which will prepare you for any kind of hectic schedules during your travel. You see, fitness is important, especially if you’re planning for an adventure. As you become a regular with fitness regime you can worry about other things. But first comes your own body and how you maintain it.


Foreigners make a lot of fuss about this vaccination and that vaccination. But if you look at it closely you will see that these vaccines are pre-requisites which only smoothen your travels. So if you are traveling abroad make sure you have had the necessary vaccines done for that country.

Possible vaccines can be:

  • Hepatitis B
  • Typhoid
  • Hepatitis A
  • Yellow fever
  • Japanese B encephalitis
  • Meningitis
  • Rabies


You know what gives you coughs and colds. You even know how much traveling or what mode of traveling you are allergic to. Prepare yourself with necessary medication which you might need on the move. Always have a first aid kid handy. The point is, you have to know what you need with you all the times in order to stay healthy.

A few must haves of the first aid kit are :

  • Pain killers
  • Re-hydration tablets
  • Throat lozenges A
  • Cold remedies
  • A first aid kit
  • Alcohol-based hand washes
  • Sunscreens

Pack your own snacks

Delays come without warnings and in those long waiting hours when hunger pang strikes home made snacks can be a blessing. At least they assure that you don’t run to the first fast food joint you chance upon. Home made snacks are a healthy practice and highly recommendable.

Travel sickness

Do you throw up often when you do long distances by road/air?  Motion sickness does not really have a particular medicine because it is more mental than anything. The least you can do is eat light before traveling, keep sipping drinks and looking out of the window rather staring at motionless objects which trigger of the senses that make you puke.


The most common problem most travelers face when they enter a new place is diarrhea. The reason is mainly unhygienic food and contaminated water. The reason may be any but to prevent it you can drink from bottles, boil it or purify it with iodine tablets. Do not forget to carry anti diarrhea and re-hydration tablets. And if there is no change in the condition makes sure you consult a doctor.

Wash your hands

Generally tourist places are dirty and when you travel from place to another you are too busy to notice the amount of dirt your hands and feet are exposed to. So when you enter a restaurant or parlors for a quick bite make sure you wash your hands. That way you keep the bacteria away and assure your safety at all times.

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