Freedom can be defined as the power bestowed on an individual to act, speak, or think as per their wants, needs, and likes. It gives individuals an opportunity to have unrestricted use of environment around them. Actually, freedom is the process of acquiring an equal opportunity in life, liberty, and the overall pursuit of happiness, which creates an individual’s paradise.

Freedom offers an opportunity to access, communication, worshiping, and behaving as per your expectations in life. Freedom gives a chance in life to participating in every activity that tries to shape the nature of the lives. It creates a voice within people developing bravery and confidence in every event and situations they encounter in life. Freedom is the success towards people’s rule that governs the most of the democratic states and institutions within the world. Freedom makes human beings realise their potentiality through access to various opportunities in life without any restriction. The ability to speak their mind comes as a gift of freedom.

Despite all the opportunities and privileges that freedom comes with, it does not mean that human beings have no living limits. As human beings express their limits, they are entitled to act according to the laws of the country and should also follow their norms and cultures. It gives an opportunity to behave in the manner we want, but with the regulations that are presented to us by the laws. As individuals express their freedom, it is advisable that they act in a manner that makes them happy as long as they will not interfere with the other person’s freedom. The expression of freedom is guided by our rights, as well as the rights of others. It is beyond the freedom to say that we are enjoying our privileges if we act beyond the requirements and the needs of others or deny them their rights. The kind of freedom that we are supposed to express should be one that uplifts our good conduct and maintains our liberty in every situation that we get exposed to as we live. We should be vigilant to fight for our liberty facilitating the full exploitation of our probable opportunities. The fearless actions ensure that we limit our expression to important information that facilitates development.

As we get subjected to more freedom, we tend to show more aspects of responsibility in life. A free man finds guidelines that ensure he acts according to the expectations of the society. More freedom enables an individual to remain focused on their behaviour, as misuse of the opportunities that the freedom presents means endangering their freedom of expression. Political freedom that people have makes individuals develop the sense of evaluating their leaders. The voting freedom offers the responsibility to be wise and conscious in the manner in which people present the ideas making us elect leaders with integrity. More freedom gives us the opportunity to identify and learn various ways that we can interact with other people in the society by manage ourselves responsibly. It, therefore, implies that we should use our conscious understanding of the present situations, analyse the events at every moment and act as per our instincts, which would have been better if we were limited by the freedom. More freedom means taking good care of our society that increases the responsibilities that are bestowed upon us towards the environment and the society. It forces us to engage in the voluntary work that makes our living better.

Being free in life makes an individual to exploit different opportunities. These opportunities are responsible for making someone to improve their lives. The state of being free allows an individual to interact with different environments, as there is freedom of movements globally. The interaction that various environment present ensures that someone gets new ideas, which if well implemented, induces a dynamic thinking in the lives of individuals. The state of being free also enables a person to plan and associate their ideas with the societal beliefs, and cultural behaviour, which is responsible for changing and improving people’s life. The state of being free also creates the understanding of different ways of time management, hence making an individual plan their time well, which is a limited resource.

From the discussion, it is clear that different people have various ways through which they can define freedom. Freedom is a tool that makes individuals look great, but must be practised with stated limits to facilitate co-existence and a harmonious society. Finally, the state of being free comes with different responsibilities and the opportunity that it presents may make the individuals change and improve their lives.

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