Tourism is a travel for recreational, business and leisure purpose. The World Tourism Organization defines tourists as people who travel to and stay in places outside their usual environment for more than twenty-four (24) hours and not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes not related to the exercise of an activity remunerated, from within the place visited.

Urban Tourism

According to Ruetsche (2006), the consumption of city landmarks (such as architecture, monuments, and parks) and culture by visitors is called urban tourism. Tourism has assumed a large place in urban areas due to recent developments and technological changes and advancement in the recent decades. Entertainment plays a major role in the for industrial cities economies.

High media profile

Media plays an important role to attract people to a particular destination. A tourism destination that is popular in the media is attracted by the tourists. As the Bahamas, Bangkok, Hawaii, Brighton has good media coverage and popular destinations among the tourists.

Hotels and resorts

One of the main concerns for the tourist is the accommodation during the trip. In this manner, cities have many high-quality options. Urban areas are full of attractive, smart and comfortable accommodations. Hotels, rests houses and resorts of a different category are available in cities which one can choose according to his/her financial strength.


For deciding a tourism destination it is important to find the mean of transport. Tourist prefers that destination with an easy air, rail, and road transportation facilities. Urban areas have good air, rail and transports links and good roads to drive own transport. That’s why urban areas are popular among the tourists.


More entertainment is available in urban areas. Seasonal festivals, concerts, events such as cycle race, marathons and exhibitions are some of the very popular reason why tourists chose urban areas to visit. Tourist choose London to visit as they celebrate New Year night on London Bridge, Exhibitions at Olympia etc


There are more shopping centers and variety available in the urban areas. All big brands are based in the urban areas. It attracts tourism as they love to do expensive shopping when they are traveling. It also makes continent for them if their required stuff is easily available. In London Oxford street and Regent’s street are worldwide famous for shopping.

The city of Brighton

Brighton situated on the south coast of England as a unitary authority area. This city was established when two towns were joined together. Brighton forms part of the Brighton/Worthing/Littlehampton conurbation, the 12th largest conurbation in the United Kingdom. On the south coast, there is very little or no gap between these two large towns (Carder, 1990).

Brighton is one of the most exciting, extraordinary and enchanting seaside city in Britain. It is an important commercial, educational, tourist, residential and conference center on the coast of Sussex. It is serving as a conference destination for over 30 years. For the purpose of the meeting destination, it depends on the repeat business. During 2007 90% of the business was the repeat business and most of which was of the conference.

Churches and places of worship

Religion is one of the important factors for any type of activity. Tourists are also so much concern about this. According to Jedi census phenomenon, 2.6 per cent people claimed that their religion was Jedi Knight (Office for national statistics, 2001). In this regard, Brighton has many historical churches and buildings for tourist’s attractions. The “Mother Church” is one of the oldest buildings of the 11th century also known as St Nicholas Church. The two main churches are large brick-built St Bartholomew’s, and St Peter’s which located in the heart of Brighton and hove on an island between the Lewes Road and the London Road.


Brighton’s beach is one of the famous beaches of UK and has been awarded a blue flag. The seafront has lot many attract the tourists. In Brighton, the seafront has many restaurants, bars, amusement arcades, and nightclubs. Being near to the London it becomes a very popular destination for the tourists. There is also Ohio Social which is now transformed into bar and restaurant (Selwyn, 2006).


According to Ruetsche (2006), Brighton has a variety of places to stay. Following are the famous place for accommodation in Brighton those attract the tourist.

Colson House

In the Colson house, the tourist can find that it is the center of Brighton and it is walkable to everywhere. Colson house has eight rooms which are all themed around movie icons. In these rooms, there are four posters and they have the wonderful balcony. These all are en-suite.


Public transport started from 1840. In Brighton, there are some railway stations, bus services, taxis and coach services. From last few years, the rapid transport system is under consideration, in the past Brighton has trolley buses, hydrofoil services, ferries and trams (Carder, 1990).

Sport and leisure

If the tourist is fond of sports, there are some of the sports places as well like windsurfing, hire a Jet Ski or water slides at King Alfred’s Leisure center. There are county cricket, horse, football and greyhound racing and world class windsurfing championships which can be enjoyed as spectators. The tourists can go mountain biking and walking also.

Tourism has become an industry on which many countries are dependent. Now a day’s tourism has changed its dimension from rural to urban side. The number of urban visitors is increasing day by day. There are many things in urban areas which attract the people to the cities. Brighton is the city has so many attractions for the tourists and it offers a number of events, places, festivals and many different occasions to the tourists. It has a great deal of attractions such as historical places, seafront, and theater etc. Brighton is a treasure trove of things to do and places to go.

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