The importance of delivering quality services in the hospitality industry.

The importance of delivering quality services is basically to get a good impact on the industry to increase revenues. In agreement with (The importance of customer service in the hospitality industry, 1999-2012), “Hotels, restaurants, and other tourism-reliant business are included in the hospitality industry, each organization relies on effective customer service to earn industry accolades, positive media reviews, win repeat guests and increase revenue.”

Quality services in some hospitality industry are poor and need improvement but it is our major challenge. However in agreement with (William Lazer & Layton, 1999), “The hospitality managers if facing the major challenges in quality service delivery. It will be an essential condition for success in the emerging, keenly competitive, global hospitality markets, while the future importance of delivering quality hospitality service is easy to discern and to agree on, doing so presents some difficult and intriguing management issues.”

Differences between service delivery in the hospitality industry and service delivery in other businesses.

Service delivery can be differentiated by the type of businesses you’re running. Service delivery can be delivered both inside and outside of an organization but it depends on the type because most organizations do not have outside service delivery.

There are different implications for community-based tourism in the country both advantages and disadvantages. Tourism in the country can help build up the economy and the community has a huge impact on the visitors which helps to increase the revenues. According to (Master Plan For Sustainable Tourism Development, 1998), “The importance of this interaction is increasing as a result of the greater interesting contact with local people and their culture.

In Jamaica, the communities have played a role in the development of tourism. According to (Master Plan For Sustainable Tourism Development, 1998), “To ensure stronger community involvement in the planning, development and management of tourism in Jamaica, the Master Plan aims to strengthen the community presence on the Resort Boards and co-ordination between the Resort Boards, parish councils, and Parish Development Committees (PDCs) established by the Social Development Commission (SDC).

The Resort Boards would be made responsible for all aspects of the interface between the visitor and local people, including involving local organizations in the management of anti-harassment and the resort patrols.”

Community-based tourism can uplift the citizens and show them a brighter future. According to (Master Plan For Sustainable Tourism Development, 1998), “Tourism has the potential to become a tool for the economic and social uplifting of the people of Jamaica. If it can play such a role and that role is brought to the attention of the people of Jamaica, a far greater number would consider them as benefiting from the industry and so, hopefully, would be committed to the delivery of an excellent visitor experience.

Community-based tourism would have a good impact on the country because first of all, it plays a big role and if the CBT develop a good marketing objectives and strategies to get the information worldwide it will bring tourist to the country and not only the country will get a good review but the community as well and it will benefit from it and not only that but it would make tourist wants to explore and learn more about other places in the country.

Community-based tourism can join the partnership with the Jamaica Tourism Product (JTP) and provide them with a variety of different communities with the various beautiful attraction to be one of their main product of attraction, which will help them to increase their revenues and bring in more visitors which will be benefited to both. Each group will have to address and see what their weakness is, in both social and physical infrastructure.

Jamaica Tourism Product can provide the communities with transportation to and from the accommodation and also give the visitors a tour of each community which can be included in the all inclusive package. Working together can both be a good thing for the country because it will increase the economy by a number of visitors that comes into the country and it will also give the country a good name and good reviews.

Some impacts of Technology on the development of travel and tourism industry.

Technology has a lot of impact on travel and tourism industry. It helps to make work a lot easier and much faster. According to (Youell, 2012), “Developments in technology in jet aircraft and computer technology have contributed to the growth in domestic and international travel and tourism. Technological factors travel and tourism have always been an industry that has made extensive use of new technology equipment.

Technology in the travel and tourism industry makes things more advanced, professional, less work and makes things run much faster. According to (The impact of technology on tourism, 2012), “The tourism industry is one of the most relevant examples in the context of a changing global environment. The pace of this change has most likely been set by the rapid technological advancements. Some of these new technologies have been integrated into tourism operations. The most eloquent example in this sense is the emergence of the internet, which led to reduced costs and increased operational efficiency within the tourism agencies and airports.

Good quality service in both the hospitality and other business industries have a positive impact on the country. A first impression determines how a guest will enjoy their stay and must always treat visitors like how we would want to be treated.

Community-based tourism plays a major role in a country and both can benefit from it. It also uplifts the residents in the communities by earning income as land managers, entrepreneurs, service and produce providers, and employees.

Technology is a major impact in the travel and tourism industry it makes work much easier and faster. It creates less confusion and helps to develop the industry in a more professional way.

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