Can science and religion work together? It’s quite a disputable question. Personally I think that it is not quite possible for both science and religion to work together. The two aspects have completely different views on so many different levels of aspects that are attributed to life. It is ascertained that in religion God created both the earth and human beings, science on the other hand refutes this claim altogether and bases the activity on evolution. 

Despite the fact that science and its current holdings can be true; in one way or another; it is specifically emphasized that the whole stipulations might turn out to be false in the near future. This is especially so whenever scientists are convinced that a specific occurrence is certainly true; an aspect that might result to the originators of these stipulations basing their beliefs on mere bias and untested researches. They do so for the purpose of proving that they are holding a positive perspective of a specific event at hand while on the contrast, there is still a possibility that after extensive researches and real life experiences the position might remain as being out-dated and improper. For instance, research indicates that in the past, most of the scientists believed that the world was one flat object that revolved around the sun. This view was held and believed by many people.

  Notably, most of the scientific stipulations are hidden from public scrutiny. It thus meant that possible doubts from the public domain were solely met with harsh and dire consequences at all times. In my personal understanding, I do however agree that the current scientific beliefs have been subjected to intensive and extensive scientific research hence there is a definitive set of certainty that they will survive the test of time. In fact, the stipulation that the current environment does not solely rely on religious connotations in understanding some of the existing factors; most of them are based on matters science and personal opinions. The fact that there has been so much developments in relation to modern technology; most of the new revelations are now analysed from different quotas before it can be agreed upon. This means that there is little or no chance that the existing revelations are based on a single perspective of a person but rather held so; by different institutions that are credible in nature.

It should also be stated that scientific theories and scientific laws are not the same thing. The theory of evolution remains a theory, even after more than 150 years when it was first theorized by Charles Darwin. Moreover, Charles Darwin himself refuted this theory some time later.  A theory by definition is basically a supposition and is hypothetical.  Further it is defined as an idea of or a belief about something arrived at through speculation or conjecture.  Conjecture and speculation are highly subjective as opposed to laws which can be shown to be true and thus can be stated as objective.  Subjective is speculative, objective is factual.  Merriam-Webster describes a theory as an analysis of a set of facts in their relation to one another based upon general or abstract principles.  Conversely, scientific laws are quantifiable, measurable, repeatable, and can be falsified.

Evolution is a scientific theory which is comprised of a collection of concepts, including abstractions of observable phenomena expressed as quantifiable properties.  It expresses relationships between observations of such concepts. It is constructed to conform to available empirical data about these observations but is only put forth as a principle or body of principles for explaining a class of phenomena.   The key words here are that it is a “principle” for “explaining” and not for making objective statements of facts.  A theory is always subjective and without complete objectivity.  If a given theory were able to be proven, then it would cease to be a subjective theory and become an objective scientific fact or law.

As a conclusion it should be stated that it remains to be true that religion possess a lot of acts but doesn’t do its best people to know about them, and science, in its turn, often hides true facts. Most likely, science and religion are two polars which cannot work together and will never do.

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