Racism in America has a long history. It has been in America since the colonisation of North America during the 17th century. This was manifested through the discriminatory laws, existing social practices and crime directed to the targeted groups. With the arrival of the Europeans, racism started against the Native Americans. This was manifested through genocide, assimilation, branding natives as savages and elimination of traditions. African Americans arrived as slaves in the 17th century taken from their homelands in Africa as slaves. Racism was directed to them through torture, denial of basic rights, discrimination and inequality. At the moment, racism is still directed to them through in subtle ways. Japanese in America faced racism after the attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941. They were targeted through harassment, surveillance and discrimination. In addition, they lost their jobs and houses and some sent to camps. Jews were also a target even during the holocaust with groups such Ku Klux Klan directing rage to Jews as well as African Americans. At the moment, Islam and Muslims in the United States of America have faced manifested prejudice. This is especially after the 9/11 terror attacks. Despite the critics claim that racism in USA is being overblown, it still exists to some degree and its legacy still lives.

America still has a long way to eradicate the racial problem. The country still faces disparate aspects of racism ranging from hate crimes, police mistreatment and poverty. Racial minorities still face barriers both socially and economically. Research shows that almost half of all crimes which are committed in America are race based. There have been a lot of cases of hate crimes which are racially motivated. Over the past months, black men have been targeted by the law enforcement. In fact, it has been proved that black men are high likely to be shot and killed by police compared to the white men. Hate groups such as Ku Klux Klan have been gaining presence in a lot states. These are white supremacy groups which are motivated by the race. At the moment, some people are still opposed to interracial marriages or dating. In addition, there are those who support the right for individual homeowner to exercise discrimination when selling home. It is clear that America incarceration has been race based. The minority have been bearing the largest share of incarceration where about two third of the incarcerated are the racial minorities despite forming only a third of the population. Racial bias has also been shown on job earning where racial minorities earns less than whites.

However, people were struggling for racial equality. Martin Luther King Jr. was born in a society that treated him inferior due to his racial orientation. His speech “I have a dream” was based on demanding racial justice for the mistreated black society in America. This is a speech that advocated all human must be treated in an equal manner as a case for American future. He advocated for non-violence provocation which was very successful.  The speech touched millions of Americans and showed them the plight of black Americans. His appeal for tolerance and fairness helped in removing the discriminatory laws and create a country that was true to the ideals of justice and equality. Despite succeeding in ending segregation and disenfranchisement of the black Americans, racism in the country is still thriving and the economic gap among the black and white Americans persists. America is still struggling with racial equality years after Martin Luther King Jr. speech.

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