The job of a Web designer is thrilling as well as adventurous because every day there is a new task to do. However, every web designer works individually on individual projects, but there is a team of designers who work together and bound to collaborate with each other. The team is composed of multiple designers experienced in particular area of designing. However, working with a team is considered as tiring and self-pressing but our team is with the potential to work together while enjoying and satisfying the organizational needs. The thing that makes the work enjoyable working with the team is that team leader and other team members are with the clear objectives and agreed goals.

Personal Role and Responsibilities

My role in a team environment is as the team member and team coordinator. Being team coordinator I have to perform double responsibility first is related to web designing and second is as team coordinator. As a team coordinator, I am responsible for the motivating team, managing team and report the team performance to team leader. Thus, I am also committed to participate in the team meetings, preheating team results’ reports on a regularly basis and maintain confidentiality which is required for team members for showing trust. Information dissemination is also one of the important responsibilities of mine. Along with all above mentioned task giving and taking the suggestion for improvement is a significant job.

Personal Reporting Relationship

Reporting is mean of communication for the progress and procedure of task assigned to team members. The team maintains reporting strategy as important part of the daily working routine. The reporting relationship of the team member is inward which results in collaborative motivation and group norms. Every member of the team, responsible for the task assigned to them, report for their working function on the task in written to team leader and team leader further report to other higher management. Being team member I am also obliged to report to the team leader and other collaborative members of the team about the work progress.

Operational Links with Other Individuals and Departments

Our Web designing team performs under the leading Designing department which also operates the Website Development Department and teams of website development. Thus, the major link our web designing team has with website development and with Web Developers who work on the further work of Website to finalize it after Web Designing. Other departments with which the team has linked with is Quality Control department.

Links with Other Businesses and External Agencies

The team is managed by the outsourced Human Resource Department which is an external agency. The entire company is managed through the HRD and for training and other management issue related to Human Resource, the team leader has to contact with the outsourced Human Resource agents. The main clients of the company are IT related businesses that need to have their website designed for online businesses; formal meetings are held between team members and IT businesses people so that they can explain to understand the requirements of their businesses and other specific requirements to be fulfilled.

Progress on the Study Programme

When I first started my career as Web Designer I had not realized that to be successful in professional life along with making a career do not only require the professional skills in the field but also need other skills such as working in team or group environment, using effective communication with colleagues and managements and work and time management as the most important key skill required to make path for career. Throughout the professional period, I had understood the significance of these skills however it was difficult to perform all of them without any guidance.

I planned to improve my little expertise in those particular areas and started with enhancing the effective communication skills. However, enhancing the skills require the personal assessment and evaluation, I came up with the target to manage conflicts in working environment by communicating with the team members and team leader.

Moreover, time management has been the significant component to achieve the career goals as my career depends on the project management. I learned that time management through planning my tasks with the given time, with prioritizing and arranging my do’s and don’ts. The prioritization of task helped to understand the way tasks are prioritized using tags like “Important”, “Urgent” or “Neither Urgent nor Important”.

General Workplace Development

General workplace development had been the achievement of the project management by managing my time appropriately. By planning my time and tasks together I was able to perform well even in short period of time. Initially, I found it difficult practice to carry out the planning while maintaining the quality and quantity both as I found it challenging to find a way to cope up with the appropriate time and project management. With the constant practice of 3 weeks, I learned to manage the difficulty with the time management but still I have found that more practice is required to meet the career objectives.

Progress on Achieving Goals

As described above the professional objectives and goals, I needed to know the work management and it is not possible unless I learn time management. I analyzed my progress on the time management along with assessing my professional skills. At first, it was not easy to analyze my personality but then I started with personal and professional weaknesses and strengths. The understanding of personal, as well as professional strengths and weaknesses, assisted me to comprehend the way I could plan my task with the given time for finishing the work.

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