We have talked a lot about the Four Ps of Marketing which is often referred to as the marketing mix. But when we talk off service industries we further add three Ps play to cover all the aspect of service industry which also includes travel and tourism. These Ps have crept in over the years of experience, overviews, and extensions. Now we are going to elaborate these Ps for a better understanding of tourism and travel industry as well as its implication on the promotion of tourism of Lahore.

Promotion is all about telling people what is being offered. Promotion includes advertising, direct mail, public relations, printed brochures, presence at travel trade shows as well as participation in joint marketing schemes. Promotion is very expensive and its results can not be predicted therefore we need to the extra care full while designing our promotion strategy.


Price is one of the most important elements in the marketing mix that generate much-needed revenue. Price is always determined by the cost, with a margin being added to yield the return on the investment. We are planning to introduce varying price according to the level of demand and willingness of the customer to pay for our products.


Placement in tourism industry means the distribution of our products in the marketplace. Unlike with utility which can be bought almost anywhere but the places where tourist can be bought are relatively few.

Most products are tangible and one can hold whereas tourism is an intangible service and often cannot be inspected. Travel and tourism are ‘ideas’ in the minds of prospective buyers. They cannot easily be measured, touched or evaluated.


Our products and packages positioning is determined by promotion price and placement function. It is with no doubts that the archeological treasure which Lahore and its surrounding possess have a new unique place in the world history. Our Endeavor is to position our products together in determining where in the market a product stands in relation to others. The positioning of historical places, tourist resorts, promotion of tourism strategy is designed in such fashion that not only the archeological feature but its culture, parks infrastructure and modernization of Lahore is highlighted.


Human resource is the most crucial element in the tourism industry. It is the fact that a pleasant manner and appearance can turn a disaster into an acceptable experience and a make an acceptable ordinary experience into a memorable one. In the service industry, Marketing is a sharp end where people delivering the tourism products needs for careful selection followed by proper training and motivation can prove a right tool to make their jobs easier and more effective.

Physical environment

The physical environment is most important in tourism services industry. Unfortunately, law in order in the country is very bleak which his strongly hampering the efforts for promotion of tourism in Pakistan in general and Lahore in particular. The present wave of terrorism in the country has jeopardized all the efforts to attract the local visitors what to talk of foreigner tourist. The government is quite serious about settling the situation; hopefully, the situation will improve and become cordial for tourism in the country in general in Lahore in particular.


Lahore is a cultural and academic center of the country with an abundance of historical monuments, exhibiting elegance and architectural magnificence. Most people coming to Lahore and others who reside in Lahore are well aware of the monuments like Lahore Fort, Badshahi Mosque, Shalimar garden, Lahore Museum etc.


In order to promote tourism we must make a deliberate plan and effort to improve the existing infrastructure in the city as well as try to restore the historical sites to its original forms. All the echelon of the government are required to work as a team to make this beautiful city a true haven for the tourist some of the points that can help the government to enhance the tourism are as follow.

A massive renovation work must immediately be taken on for up gradation and restoration of all historical places of Lahore.

Since Provision of funds for the renovation of these building of difficult for the government, therefore, it is suggested that private sector should be invited for the provision of necessary funds and these buildings carry their brand.

Proper label plates giving essential detail should be installed before each monument for education of the visitors

LDA should be instructed to register all private guest houses, guest rooms, paying guest desirous to entertain the tourists. They should also give minimum designed and facilities that must be made available in each room.

Punjab tourism department should organize training for hotel and restaurant employs so that they should be extra careful and courteous with their customers.

A serious effort must be made to retrieve Hindu praying places (matters) and Gurdwaras which are illegally occupied by the people and must be restored to its original shape so that Hindu and Sikh are tourists are attracted towards Lahore.

Urban transport should be improved to bring it at power to the international standard so that the tourist can enjoy cheap traveling within the city without any fear.

In order to make packages more economical government, should show a lineage approach towards tourist and introduce tax relaxation in boarding lounging and transportation.

City government Lahore should enter a contract with Walt Disney to build a Disneyland which will give a big boost to the tourism of Lahore.

In this present globalization move, the distances are ceased to exist people are more open and free to move around the globe. Lahore being vital in the location having the historical building which gives it a good stand off and distant location in the world backed by in rich cultural footing can prove to be an excellent and most attractive tourist resort.

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