Time travel has remained to be the biggest dream of a man ever. This is clearly seen in movies and fiction which is a popular trend in the modern world. This area has attracted several scientists and physicists who are coming up theories to explain the possibility of time travel. One of the most famous scientists is Albert Einstein who said that time travel is possible if we can travel at the speed of light using wormhole bridge. This can be only possible if a spacecraft traveling at the speed of light is created. This paper describes time travel, theories and some of the proofs for time travel.

Time travel refers to moving between different points in time. Time travel is a popular topic in science fiction where people are seen enter into a form of spacecraft and arrive either in the past or future. Some scientists believe in this fantasy while others do not as they claim that it is fatal to human beings. While scientist argues it is possible to leap into the future, traveling back in time seems impossible. According to Einstein, time travel into the future is possible because to him, time is relative and varies for different observers depending on the speed through space. He called this idea time dilation and he said that time is moving slower for a moving object than a stationary one.

One of the theories for time travel is Albert Einstein’s theory of special and general relativity. According to this theory, time speed up or slows down depending on how fast you travel relative to something. This theory also explains that gravity can affect time in that when the gravity is great, velocity increases and this, in turn, increases time difference. From his theory of special and general reality, Einstein introduced the idea of Wormhole or black hole as other scientists call it. This idea has received support from other scientists majorly Stephen Hawking and Kip Thorne. According to Einstein, a wormhole could act a bridge through space-time connecting two distant points with a shortcut. Einstein’s theory of special and general relativity has been criticized on the basis that it is impossible to travel at the speed of light and the idea of a bridge between two points in space-time requires small particles. 

Other theories have been proposed to provide time travel solution. One of the theories is infinite cylinder theory which was proposed by Frank Tipler. This theory requires one to take the matter that has a mass ten times higher than that of the sun and roll it into a dense cylinder. The cylinder is then rotated very fast up to billion revolutions per minute. The other theories are a black hole and cosmic spring which were proposed by Professor Greene of Columbia University. Black hole states that it is possible to move a ship around a black hole with a rotating structure. Cosmic strings are narrow tubes of energy stretched across the entire length of the universe. These strings are to be made in loops or infinite but the idea has been criticized on grounds that these strings would bend over space-time making travel impossible.

There are several proofs that time travel is possible but there are five proofs that are common from films. The first prove is that of a man in 1948 black and white film using an iPhone. The another one is a film of a man who met a time traveling fashion of himself. This man said he filmed himself using his mobile phone because he taught no one could believe him. The other prove is that of a woman on the mobile phone in a 1928 Charlie Chaplin film. The nineteenth century CD is another proof after a picture of a bunch of cluster around a CD. Lastly, is a picture of time-travelling hipster; man is seen wearing sunglasses and printed t-shirt. 

One of the pros of time traveling is that people age slowly than those in the earth. For example, one could explore the whole galaxy and return back in future younger than those he left on the earth. Time travel does not account for extra matter and energy that is required for one to time travel.

Time travel is impossible because it requires one to travel at the speed of light. To be able to do this, a lot of energy is needed. In addition to the energy, Einstein’s equations indicate that an object traveling at the speed of light has infinite mass and a length of 0. This is physically impossible. Also, the equations of the wormholes indicate that such wormholes could easily collapse and therefore they are only suitable for small particles.  The only possibility for time travel is the use of black holes because people would travel around slowly half the time experienced on earth. However, to create the black hole, it will take several million of years. Therefore, we only experience time travel through movies and science fiction. 

In conclusion, the idea of time traveling is still theorized and there is a possibility that future research could prove them right or wrong. For the wormhole idea, it seems impossible because of its requirements. The proofs that they are using for time travel do not provide enough evidence. For example, the ‘hipster man’ was wearing goggles and not sunglasses which were common during that time and the women who were said to have a mobile phone that could be something else as others suggested an ear trumpet.

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