It has become one of the interesting areas amongst the people debating on how the government should go about regulating the use of guns in the USA. Some are in for the idea that there should be more restricted access to guns as firearms whereas others want more freedom to use the firearms. This has been a huge debate taking into consideration the law, human rights, the chance to offer citizens the ability to protect themselves but at the same time the proper way to ensure national security is not at risk at all. (Sallum, 2012)

Looking at all the two sides in the debate, there are heroes and villains involved one side takes the government to be a bunch of mean government officials who do not want to give to the people of the country to access firearms and use them for self-protection. Whereas the other side of people gun control supporters take the manufacturers of guns as a bunch of hungry people only after money without any care on national security and level of crimes which the increased supply of firearms will have to the people of the USA. To these people the national rifle association is one ruthless organization taking into consideration human rights of security whereas the see the national bureau in charge of gun control as the body which takes care of the people welfare in terms of security. (Sallum, 2012)

Development of websites for guns has promoted the availability of resources for both the firearms and also gun control strategies. They provide very vital information to the public on gun control and its consequences. However, the interesting point is that as much as many people support gun control they have different reasons as to why they are doing so. Following some events such as the colorado shooting at the school, the shootout that occurred at Virginia technical university there has been increased cries across the country to enhance gun control because a lot of innocent lives were lost in these incidents due to  ownership of guns by people who didn’t use them appropriately. Gun rights advocates have also gone to the extent defending the ownership of these firearms. They say a few cases of individuals misusing the firearms should not be used to stereotype the whole image of owners of firearms as this was meant to provide convenient self-protection to the people of the United States of America. One of the gun control mechanisms was to burn ownership of guns with high capacity magazines as these are meant for war not personal security services.

Even though measures are being put in place to control the ownership and usage of guns some scenarios are still left unattended to. A good example is where a person borrows a gun for a target shooting. In such a situation the person does not report to any authority he or she is in possession of a firearm because it was a local arrangement. Hence the measures put in place cannot be able to cover such situations still posing risk to lives of the civilians. (Sallum, 2012)

The other issues arising is about the banning of magazines. It’s really something that is next to impossible having in mind a large number of magazines which are being manufactured and it also does not make great sense to  ban heavy magazines while the so termed light are still being used. This is because both just shoot a single bullet at any given time which is enough to destroy life and property so why the so termed heavy magazines should be banned whiles the light ones being allowed to be used.

Thirdly and one of the most controversial statement is the banning of assault weapons a gun is just a gun. They all fire bullets one at a time this is enough to destroy life and property more over the so termed non-assaulting weapons have the same impact as the  assaulting weapons, as a result the law of  restricting assaulting weapons was banished since it has no impact in reducing the negative effects of  everyone accessing firearms. (Sallum, 2012)

It should also be noted that previously the ownership of guns, by citizens used to help at some point since the police could arrive at a crime scene late when citizens have been able to handle culprits. This therefore also makes the debate of those against the control of guns as it helps improve the personal security of citizens since one can defend himself.

Proper laws and legislation if put in place will really help a lot in the gun control initiative.This is so because the level of illegal possession of  guns by bandits will reduce and as result the crimes that lead to unnecessary loss of lives will be reduced in the country. This can only be achieved if proper legislation is applied when coming up with such laws. (Sallum, 2012)

According to Clinton, the gun control initiative should be in place because it really helps to ensure only the right people are in possession of firearms “I’m not here to take away your guns, I just don’t want you to be shot by someone who shouldn’t have a gun in the first place.” This was her words in one of her rallies during the presidential campaign. “What about the young mom with her two kids who’s in a supermarket, and some guy gets to come in with a — you know — an AK-47 over his back because he’s got a new permit that permits him to walk around and threaten and intimidate and scare the heck out of that young mother and her children? I don’t get it.”

Donald trump supported the issue of banning assaulting weapons and also given waiting time when purchasing a firearm. To him the body in charge of firearms I quote “walk the line and don’t look into firearms restrictions.” “I will get rid of gun-free zones on schools, and — you have to — and on military bases. My first day, it gets signed, okay? My first day. There are no more gun-free zones.”

When the fire arms are in correct hands of loyal citizens following the country’s laws then it becomes a boost in the national security of the country. On the other hand, if it lands in the hands of bandits then it poses a great danger to security as an increased rate of crime scenes will be reported in the country. Proper measures and policies will be more focused on restricted access to the evil minded people from accessing such firearms but not denying them their rights to self-protections as stipulated by the law. Gun registration to the owners will help confiscation of illegally owned fire weapons. (Sallum, 2012)


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