Community service is a non-paying kind of a job done by a particular group or individuals to the advantage of the public or an institution. Community services are in most cases organised by local groups like schools, worship places like churches and organisations which are non-profit.

Performing various is of much essence to both the individual performing it and to the public that is receiving the service. The reasons below are the topmost ten explanations why it is always good to volunteer in the community service.

To begin with participation in community services helps one to reduce stress since he/she tends to focus on something else other him/herself therefore this in turn will interrupt the normal pattern of tension production.

Participation in Community services also makes the body healthier. Healthiness is always stimulated by emotions and moods, therefore when one is happy the immune system tends to be strengthened at a higher percentage.

Volunteering in various community services tends to save resources on a high ratio. Money that is meant to work on certain services is saved simply because the same services are worked upon by individuals who don’t need to be paid; through this more resources are kept.

Individuals who volunteer in community services help in strengthening their community. Volunteers tend to provide services that might improve schools, support the local youths and supports family like the elderly people. Such services strengthen a particular community and promote its growth.

Through volunteering in some services in the community a person can realise his/ her career and work on it and be able to achieve professional experience in the long run

Self-esteem and personal growth for the participants in the services of a community is promoted as they tend to understand the needs of their community hence fostering responsiveness and self –efficacy

As a volunteer in community service one gets to learn a lot about the community by gaining knowledge on the local resources available in solving the community needs, an individual also gets to know about the operations of the government through working with the non-profitable agencies in the locality.

Through volunteering an individual also learns a lot about his/herself, since through this hidden talents are discovered which changes one’s perception on life.

Another reason for volunteering is that an individual tends to give back to the society, this by saving the resources that benefit individuals that they care about or which they utilise themselves

Volunteering in the community services acts as a platform of uniting different individuals who are from various backgrounds and help them work towards accomplishing a common objective or goal

It also helps and encourages civic responsibility since it acts as an investment in that particular community and for the individuals living in it.

Lastly volunteering in community services helps in making differences and bringing positive changes to either the community itself or to the individual offering the services

Individuals can offer various services to the community. For example, one can either donate blood for a needy person; this act is of advantage to that needy person. Individuals can also visit homes for the elderly people help in washing and also show love and care to them.

An individual can also participate in community fundraising for maybe contributing funds to start up schools or hospital in their community, where community children will get education and places where people in that community will get services on their health issues. These are examples of key facilities that should be available in various communities.

One can also offer services in his/her church, he can either play roles of ushering an important part in organising people in the church, offer services like teaching in the vocational Bible study school or prepare and serve meals in the church parties, all these is of benefit to the community.

Another example of a community service an individual can offer is by visiting orphans in various children’s homes, providing maybe food or clothes to them, offering motivational speeches to them

Community services bring along various benefits. To begin with there are benefits to teens that tend to offer such services, such teens tend to have an increased sense of social duty. Therefore they tend to have a heart of helping other people in the society and also giving back

Community services also provide a podium for various teens to be able to apply their academic knowledge got in schools to real human wants.( Sax& Linda p 25)

Through community services teens from various background tends to meet, through this they get to be exposed and learn diverse cultures.

Volunteering in community services is also of benefit to health, since the rates of depression tends to be lowered, causes an increase in functional ability and these in turn leads to low mortality rate unlike those who do not participate in such services who tends to be vulnerable to health risks.

Volunteering in community services enhances networking, individuals are likely to meet and mingle with individuals who share the same interest, through this the volunteers tend to learn more and expand their levels of know how.

Participation in community service like in cleaning is also of great benefit to the community and the people living it since through cleaning the environment is taken good care of therefore enhancing hygiene

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