Love is defined as an overwhelmingly passionate, tender affection for another person. It is an absolute devotion and never-ending adoration. For others, it is a momentary feeling that will fade away with time. For several people, it is a fairytale, for others, it is a dream come true. Some people declare that love happens once in a lifetime while others feel that after one love ends, another one comes. The more one tries to find a common definition of love, the more one gets confused with all the connotations one gets from different people. Love is indescribable and the closest definition to the true meaning of love is the kiss. I therefore disagree with the notion that love is not only kissing.

Though there is, of course, more to love than kissing, it is obvious that the kiss is the paramount expression of love. Once a person assumes he/she is closer to the true definition of love, he/she may come to recognize that the meaning of love is unique to every other person. Devotion, warmth, passion, desire, respect affection and loyalty are all ways to describe love. It does not matter what term is used since they are all forms of love. Some are powerful, broad emotions that require attention and dedication, while other forms are more restrained.

Head (37) illustrates that love needs commitment. With no commitment, love will be unable to grow. Commitment is a risk one must be willing to take as well as acknowledging the possibility of emotional pain or disappointment. Love calls for communication. One should be willing to share his/her life experiences, downfalls, successes and feelings with another person. It serves a relationship best if the parties involved are capable of explaining their feelings to one another. Communicating well with somebody also helps in developing honesty towards one another, encourages involvement in the relationship and enables one to really get to understand who his/her lover is as a person.

Love is one of the most complicated subjects mankind has ever faced. Centuries have gone by, relationships have grown and so has love. It has to be the everlasting truth in mankind’s history. Love is kind, love is patient. It is not proud and has no envy. Love links people of different races and connects them in a unified bond of trust. It enhances life and comforts the soul.

There are different kinds of love depending on the context. Platonic love, familial love, religious love and romantic love are some of the examples of the various types of love. Romantic love is unending, deep and intense. It is shared in a very sexual, passionate and interpersonal relationship. The meaning of love varies with every relationship and depends more on its, versatility, complexity and depth context. Some people actually say that love is false and meaningless!

The most important aspect of love however, is kissing. Kissing is a way of expressing love, a way of showing how a person feels without words. According to Ackerman (109), people usually share one mouthful of air, opening the closed fortresses of their bodies to their lovers. The first step in kissing dexterously is to make certain that the moment is right. A kiss can transform all, for better or for worse.

Walter (24) explains that if the initial kiss is not as good as it should be, it can prevent an expected promising relationship from blossoming. Both lovers feel ‘in the moment’ just before the kiss. This can be described as a lingering stare into each other’s eyes, reaching into his/her soul. The part of moving closer to one another, prior to the kiss, invades their private space creating an intimate situation. Chekhov (8) found that a passionate kiss generates a sense of arousal as breathing deepens, pupils dilate, and rational thought withdraws as desire and longing represses self-consciousness. This is the first act of love.

Kissing has not changed a great deal over the years. It has constantly been an everlasting dance of love and passion. The method of dance may have changed but the reason for the dance is still the same; love. Ackerman (109) explicates that kissing is like a intricate language of love as if it can only be spoken once lips touch, a soundless bond sealed with a kiss In order to kiss intimately and timelessly, both lovers ought to share the love and passion for one another. Any time is perfect for the lips to touch, moving in close, feeling the excitement growing as the hearts beat in sync. The eyes are closed and now only time and fate lead both sets of lips until they are unified by touch. Passion takes over and has full reins. There is nothing more warm and intimate than kissing.

Remember getting together between lessons in high school, kissing at the lockers as if it was the ending of the world, aiming to make every second and touch count before the next class starts marking the end of the world. Remember longing for the forty minutes to go by and glimpse the newly reconstructed world only to collapse again by the next bell. To achieve passionate kissing, one should be willing to confirm to the world his/her feelings and desires. Public shows of affection and willingness to kiss as if there is no tomorrow, not caring who watches, is the greatest display of love.

The kiss is the most beautiful expression of love that exists at present, craved, cherished and expected by everyone. Chekhov (12) illustrates that the kiss is an honest way of expressing your proper feelings to someone. We recognize what kissing signifies between the lovers. It is their most intimate dialogue. They exchange love during the kiss. As soon as the lips touch, poetry of love happens. The kiss also shows a one’s respect and affection for a certain individual. People are elite when it comes to kissing.

The kiss is an everlasting experience appreciated by everybody. Lovers kiss a lot and celebrate their love by kissing. A kiss touches one’s emotions in the gentlest most doable way. It shows how people can love, be honest and warm. A certain poem declares that “diamonds are forever” but it can be rephrased to say that “kisses are forever”. No matter what, there is almost certainly no person who is invulnerable to a good kiss. Being such a gracious and gentle type of body language, it plays an important role in our love lives.

Love without kisses is purely incomprehensible. It is a poignant icing on the cake of love. This is an exceptional concept of speaking without saying a single word. Life is colored with kisses. It should be given in abundance to a lover or to anyone else loved and cared for. The kiss is akin to a beautiful poem that a person cannot get enough of. Each time you kiss, you apprehend how life can be divine and great.

Kissing appears to be the band-aid that fixes all misdeeds between lovers holding relationships together. According to Walter (24), when love takes grip, a kiss locks two people mutually in an exchange of emotions, textures, scents, tastes, and secrets; it ignites the heart’s desires and passion. Love is all about kisses and therefore we can safely say be love cannot possibly exist without kissing.