Literature is an intimate experience of an author carefully expressed in concrete images, through the use of structure, imaginative style, and luxurious metaphors. It is not practical or logical communication, but an aesthetic experience. Literature can be divided into three parts. They are prose, poetry, and drama.

Literary works is a life reflection of human living relating to conditions, interactions, and conflict in the stories. Literary works contain aspects and elements that occur in the real life, such as love, sufferance, struggle, happiness and sadness.

In addition, literary works consist of several basic elements. They are plot, theme, character, point of view, and setting.

The common parts of a plot are the exposition or preliminary situation, the inciting or exciting force, or challenge, the rising action, or complication, the climax, or turning point, and the denouement, or resolution.

The movie is a kind of literary work that explores that human imagination using imagery, adventure, and experiences, in order to see life more interesting (Boggs, 1999, p. 3). In the movie there are a lot of character, the characters are important to make the movie run smoothly.

The movie is dramatized representation of reality and it is included in one of fiction. According to Griffith (2011, p. 20) “fiction to describe prose works that tell a story about events that never happened in real life”

According to Bluestone (1956, p. 6) “films are originally a product of a genuine folk-art. At the very beginning of things we find the simple recording of movement, galloping horses, railroad trains, fire engines, sporting events, street scenes”.

Berry Keith Grant (in Virginia, 2002, p. 163-164) categories of genres as fellow: comedy film, crime film, disaster films, suspense or thrillers film, epic films, erotic films, film noirs, gangster films, horror films, melodramas, musical films, science fiction films, sports films, war films, and western films.


The character is a very important element in literary works. The character can be human, or even animal. In a movie, the character usually dominated by a human as the character. The personality of the character will lead the character to act such emotional, behavior, and all the logical things that deal with the problems which be faced by the character.

The character according to Robert (1993:20): “characters are the person present in the dramatics of narrative work, who are interpreted by the reader as being endowed with the moral and dispositional qualities that are expressed in what they say in the dialogue and what they do in action.”

The main Character

A major character is a main character that develops the plot of the story and always appears in the story. The major character has significance roles in the story. It means that major character occupies most part in plot or events that are occurred in a story. The main character is sometimes called a protagonist whose conflict with an antagonist may spark the story’s conflict. Beth and Cameron are the main characters in “The clinic” movie.

The Minor Character

The minor characters can be defined as the supporting characters of the major characters that their function is to illuminate the major characters. The appearance of minor characters is usually infrequently. The minor character’s role also seems not important as the role of the main characters, although the minor characters sometimes related to the major character directly. Veronica, ivy, Allison, Hank, Ms. Shepard, Duncan, etc are the minor characters in this movie.


The conflict of the human happened because a human has a limited and restricted capacity to satisfy most of his need. When human endure the conflict, this can cause a human to react and brings out the extremes of human energy, a human may take action, decision, response, and interactions toward the conflict which they are facing.

The definition of conflict

Conflict is necessary to every fiction works; there is usually one major conflict. Conflict is also the essential part of the plot, without conflict, there will be no plot. The conflict usually becomes clear to the beginning of a story. Conflict is a struggle over values and claims to scarce status, power, and resources in which the aims of the opponents are to neutralize or eliminate their rivals.

Types of conflict

Internal conflict is more commonly referred to as “man vs. self “, as the name suggests, it deals with a character having to overcome and change something about his or her being that they are struggling against what they have in mind.

External conflict is the struggle of the character against the force from outside. There are several kinds of the external conflict that the character might face. First, the character against another character. Second, the character against the society, third, the characters against the nature force.

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