“Before Sunrise” is a movie featuring two strangers, Celine and Jesse, who met on a train and spent a night sharing experiences, thoughts, and affections, but parted before sunrise. The movie has a taken a minimalist plot as it involves the two characters walking around the city of Vienna, sharing their experiences openly as they believe they may never get to see each other again. Its sequel is a 2004 movie called Before Sunset, which continues with the story. Celine and Jesse meet each other after nine years. They walk around the city of Paris talking about their experiences especially on issues to do with life and love, and they realize they still love each other. They agree to meet again at the same place six months later as the train leaves.

Slacker genre

“Before Sunrise” and “Before Sunset” belong to the slacker genre. They have deviated from the convention plot which characterizes Hollywood movies. The movies have a minimalist plot whereby the characters are followed throughout the cities as they walk and talk about their experiences. Because of this, nothing much seems to happen and the movies, therefore, seem to have no plot. Lack of plot in the movies is also emphasized by the fact that the movies have no antagonists or protagonists, and they do not revolve around a conflict as is the case with Hollywood movies. The two characters simply stroll around the respective cities in the two movies and talk about issues ranging from religion, life, love, and the cities. At no point do they engage in a conflict.

Generation X films and Characters

The characters in the movies belong to Generation X. Jesse and Celine love reflects that of teens whose grasp of aspects such as reality, and emotions seems weird. They fall in love deeply despite the reality facing them that they may never see each other again. In Before Sunrise, the characters engage in low-key laughter, which seems to emerge from interactions of the main characters. The way they relate makes the film look like a love story rather than like a romantic comedy. Their love seems perfect with no commitments, obstacles, conflicts, or change of lifestyle to fit into the other’s world. Their love seems so real and it is the best kind of love ever seen on screen (Before Sunrise). In Before Sunset, the same kind of love continues between the characters. It seems as if they have been together all along. The two movies showcase a love only possible among the generation X who do not let anything get in their way. The characters are thus exemplary of Generation X.

The movie’s setting and ideals, as well as the genre, are clear indications that the target group is young people, who believe in a love that can endure all kinds of obstacles. The movies have taken details found in our everyday lives and transformed them into moments of strong emotions. These are however a reality among teenagers who believe in a strong kind of love that is unconditional, and they are best expressed in Generation X films.

Significance of the Deviation from Hollywood Conventional Plot

Deviation from the conventional Hollywood plot brought about a different kind of reality from that brought about in the Hollywood plot. The deviation has enabled the movie to bring about the interpersonal connections that exist between people and that allow them to find new value in their lives. Despite having deviated from the social norms and ideals of the Hollywood conventional plot, the movies are fully achieved artworks with a lot of creativity and suspense created through repeated viewings. The movie offers the illusion of an eternal moment and a fulfillment of a dream by capturing the significance of each moment in the scenes despite their seemingly messy complexity.

Varying Aspects of the Movies from those of Hollywood narrative Convention

Deviation from the Hollywood plot in the movies was achieved through incorporating or leaving out a variety of aspects. One of these aspects is the setting. Instead of the elaborate setting in movies with conventional plots, these movies revolve around similar settings which are not elaborate. The two characters are first seen on the train where they meet, and after that, the setting changes to the cities where they stroll.

The film language is different from that of Hollywood movies. The camera movements of the movies are quite unique. There is a lot of reframing which results to viewing repetitions in Before Sunrise which help in capturing emotions (Before Sunrise). Before Sunset is majorly inclusive of long-take tracking pictures. Their significance is that they have enhanced realism which is non-existent. The movie has contrasting and masterful lighting.

Character development is not given much significance as the story itself. Celine is presented as a modern woman who is confident and smart. She is also presented as funny and lovely. Jesse on the other hand is a bit old fashioned, goofy, intelligent, and sensitive. He is also evasive as he avoids confessing of having any romantic feelings.

In order to tell the story without necessarily employing a specific plot, the movies have employed a simple narrative structure. The immediacy of each of his scenes through calculated revelations of the characters about their lives, feelings, and opinions about things. The point at which they reveal details about themselves, and how they reveal them are gradual and elaborate.

The movies, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset present a love story that is strong and fragile at the same time. The movies are however quite unique as they belong to the slacker genre. The movies have completely deviated from the Hollywood Conventional plot through the use of different kinds of settings, lighting, and narrative structure. These aspects have made the movies to be considered as examples of slacker genre, and to the overall success of the movies.

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