The aura is an emanation of energy which radiates from all living things.  It may be visualized as color and conveys a great deal of information.  Some individuals, like the late Edgar Cayce, can perceive this emanation naturally, others may learn to perceive it through practice. 

I learned to read auras while reading Edgar Cayce on Auras and Colors: Learn to Understand Color and See Auras by Edgar Cayce expert Kevin Todeschi and psychic Carol Ann Liaros (who is my featured guest on Thursday’s show).

Interestingly, I began practicing an aura reading technique while I was reading the book.  When I reached the section on how to read auras, I found that the technique I was practicing was the method recommended by Liaros.  For me this was very validating, indicating that aura reading was something I should peruse.

The meaning of color has always been of great interest to me.  A knowledge of color associations is of great use in interpreting sign, dream and in reading auras.  Edgar Cayce recommended color therapy and emphasized the significance of aura colors in many of readings. 

In fact, Cayce considered Auras and Colors so important that a booklet, Auras: An Essay on the Meaning of Color, is the only book on the Cayce material written by Edgar Cayce.

The following list includes some of Cayce’s ideas about individual colors (for full list see Auras and Colors by Todeschi and Liaros which contains Cayce’s Aura  booklet in its entirety):

Red: In ancient time red represented the body, earth and hell (the three were interchangable in the old mystery religions.  Red indicates force, vigor and energy with additional meaning listed for various shades of red.

Orange: Orange is the the color of the sun and good color in most instances indicating thoughtfulness and consideration of others.  Again, however, shading is important.

Yellow:  The second primary color.  A golden yellow indicated health and well being.

Green: Pure emerald green with a dash of blue is the color of  healing.  As it tends toward blue it is more helpful and trustworthy.

Blue: Blue has always been the color of spirit, the symbol of contemplation, prayer and heaven.

Indigo and Violet:  Indigo and violet indicate seekers of all types.  Venus is the planet of indigo.

White: White is the color of light and light is the manifestation of creation and of purity.